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The art of coffee is our business – our passion makes your event successful!

The art of coffee is our business – our passion makes your event successful!
We spoil your guests with exquisite taste, elaborately designed specialities and brand new coffee trends at our unique Barista bars.

Coffee plays an important role in our society – as energy supplier in the morning, culinary delight during the day or wakening call in the evening. Our mobile Coffee Catering completes these functions by the social connection automatically resulting through the hot and relaxing taste. Here your guests are able to get through waiting periods delightfully, invite their clients into the world of gourmet coffee or find new contacts. Our ambience offers you a space to linger and summon strength. Besides our cups are made with love and invite you to marvel and enjoy. Our likable baristas are always available - no matter if there are questions about the delight of coffee, a Latte art training or just small talk.

This makes us special:


The lovely arranged bar area compels attention, likable baristas invite you to linger and the smell of coffee attracts gourmets – this is how we emphasize your performance.


Coffee beans of high quality, progressive techniques and charming hosts will spoil your guests with exquisite specialities of coffee and one moment to pause, marvel and enjoy.


As a point of attraction our coffee bar connects baristas, guests and employees. Thus it creates an informal atmosphere where conversations arise easily and contacts are reinforced.


Happy guests and the success of your event are our aim up from the beginning. So we offer you a wide range of direct support, flexible concepts and a professional realization of your event. 


Honest and long lasting relationships with our employees, clients and suppliers belong to our standard. Furthermore we pay attention to a fair and considerate use of resources in purchasing.

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